RET saved my life.
— L. A.


"I am so grateful for my RET sessions with Jenifer Zink! Jenifer is inspirational and an incredibly good coach/teacher. Even at my first visit we worked on and cleaned up a longstanding emotional issue. We cleaned up more issues in subsequent visits but I also learned very helpful skills for day-to-day living. I will have and use these skills the rest of my life and am excited about learning more. As an unanticipated extra, by clearing up emotional issues, RET helped me with some of my physical challenges. I look at life and life’s challenges in a much better way than before working with Jenifer. It has changed my life for the better." - C. H.

"The summer of 2009 was one of great sadness for me. I lost many friends and was battling a profound sadness -something that was much greater than the death of so many friends. I found that I was crying often and unexpectedly but from deep in my soul. I reached out to Judi and she said she could help. We focused on this overwhelming grief in the first session. At the end of the session I felt a huge weight lifted. I was able to go on that week and run a meeting where I had to announce the death of one of these many friends to a large audience. I was able to get through it without breaking down.

We have had several other sessions since that first one. Each session addressed and identified root causes and brought me peace and closure in a profound way. RET is a very effective tool and Judi is a wonderful healer. It is truly amazing how much progress can be made in each session and with such wonderful results." - A. H.

"I came to Jacinta after a devastating breakup thinking that that was the reason for my emotional turmoil. This was only the tip of the iceberg as there was buried within me a lifetime of trauma that I had never found a way to deal with. Like peeling an onion, Jacinta has patiently peeled away the layers finding ever more layers underneath. Some sessions were scary to both of us for the powerful nature of the emotions that came boiling to the surface. She never got discouraged or ran out of ideas for dealing with this mess. I especially appreciate the other therapies she applied when needed to help in the healing. I am on the way to healing completely and living life in a better way than I ever imagined possible. She has done what no therapist, counselor or friend has been able to do. Jacinta is truly a gift!" - G.

"Judi is a true healer! I have been very pleased with the results I've gotten from Rapid Eye Technology. I made very quick progress processing old emotional pain with this method of healing; must faster than years of talk therapy ever got me. So, I highly recommend RET....especially facilitated by Judi.

Judi is a delight to work with! She is serious about her work but is always looking for a way to lighten up tense or emotionally charged sessions with a bit of humor or a reminder of how far you've come. She is prompt to all her appointments, does a ton of research for each session, and comes prepared with more than enough material to get all the issues you planned to work on in that session.

I took 13 sessions with Judi and felt I benefited from the Rapid Eye quickly and easily. Each session took particular focus and determination, then, Judi would give me a bit of homework afterward to solidify what we did. But over our sessions, I found a lot of weight of depression, discouragement, and resistance to joy releasing and not returning so much as before. Learning the skill of RET from Judi has helped me in times of stress to keep or regain my composure. In tricky or emotionally charged situations, RET has helped me to keep up courage or to regain focus on the positive aspects of my life. I feel RET has been a key to to avoid the return of debilitating depression or overwhelm in my life. Thank you, Judi!

My name is Linda H. I live in SE Portland, Oregon. I am 60 years old and have tried a lot of therapy, healing work, rapid processing techniques and personal change programs. RET has become a favorite of mine because it is quick, it is powerful, and it can be done easily almost anywhere." - L. H.

"I have been severely allergic to dust, animals, mold, pollen, and grass. From one session only I was able to understand that when I sneezed, it was a physical reaction to an emotional pattern, the emotion was one of feeling powerless and defeated.

I feel very comfortable in RET sessions with Jacinta and her intuitive care. She is a devoted listener, and powerful RET technician.

Thank you Jacinta!" - M.

"As an educator and firefighter, I was very interested by the concept of RET.  The idea of an exterior physical stimulus that is so simple, yet so effective in accessing the different areas of the brain was intriguing to say the least.  The potential as a tool to minimize stress on scene for patients and survivors and to minimize the long term effects for 1st responders is very exciting. 

To gain first hand knowledge, I went through the 12 session process myself to see how effective this process really is in application; one word, WOW.

I feel the applications for this process as a tool for emergency services could be invaluable.  It provides a low cost, effective means to provide better care to the public and the health and well being of our own people." - E. D.

"My daughter has been dealing with anxieties that had been disabling her day-to-day functions.

After doctor appointments, counseling and medicine, we turned to Rapid Eye Therapy as a possible treatment.

After the first appointment, the changes we saw were so noticeable it made us very hopeful and excited.  After 3 sessions, my daughter has gained control, understanding and a sense of being able to cope that has decreased er anxiety tremendously.

Thank you for the gift of Rapid Eye.  We see a bright future." - A. B.

"It is truly phenomenal to me that so much self-growth and life changes have come about in such a short period of time. I would proudly say that Rapid Eye Therapy has made me a stronger person and in the most positive way it has changed my life." - D.

"Hello, my name is Erin. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first, of the rapid eye technique, having been disappointed by traditional psychiatric care and medication. It was my conclusion that the way our society operates, you can't help but feel crazy. If you feel unhappy, you, tell a psychiatrist. If that doesn't help, you take a myriad of perscription drugs, and when those don't work, you may turn to illegal drugs, because at least they can numb the pain. But that pain doesn't just vanish, it is temporarily put on hold, all the while growing stronger and stronger until the chemicals wear off. When this happens for me, all the built up, hidden pain explodes in unimaginable forms of terror, and physical pain. Every time I was hurt in the past, present, birth, and beyond would unleash itself, leaving me paralyzed, keeping me from enjoying the good things that I am constantly surrounded by.

I recall telling my psychiatrist what I felt, finding the roots of my problems. And there they were staring back at me on the dashboard of my car the whole way home, tortchering me all week until the next visit where we would unleash more and more pain. This traditional technique of talking and talking took it from a subconscious level and put it in conscious form, leaving me feeling worse and worse, breaking down, and not being able to trust the people who have cared for me and loved me the most throughout my life.

Judi introduced me to the fundamentals of RET. I watched the video, which really helped it all make sense. I have never been a big fan of "religion," but I do understand and believe in the interconnection between the mind, body, spirit, and all the energy in the universe. I've always had an open mind and an open heart, so I was ready to try something new.

With RET, she basically brought up all of the negativity form of the depths of my mind and spirit. I felt every pain, every injustice, every misunderstandingand was able to realease it all. Then, instead of feeling left empty, she filled me with positive energy.
All emotional pane was replaced with balance, self confidence, love, and a sese of purpose. All physical pain (a physical manifestation of stress and emotional scars) was healed, blessed, and rejuvinated. I left feeling high.

I recall crying on the way home. Unlike leaving the psychiatrist, and crying for my childhood, for my pain, and hopelessness, I drove home crying tears of joy. Every cell in my body felt alive, and so sensitive to the beauty that surrounded me and which I am a part of.

I think I will always be "crazy" if crazy means enlightened, sensitive, and aware of the truth and beauty that we are all a part of . And I think I will always be sad for those who may never see it, who may never become aware of the interconnection of us all.

I am able to love myself again, and love myself for who I have ALWAYS been and forgive all who I allowed to wrong me and love them for who they tried to be.

Just a few sessions have changed my life, and I would recommend it to anyone, whether they feel incomplete or not." - E.

"Rapid Eye therapy takes the ego out of “self worth”.

That’s why at first some more than others struggle with sticking with it as a measure tool rather than a quick fix or believing in someone else repairing the damage instead of the person with issues.

In my sessions with Jacinta Wiley, I was able to quit Risperdal and Wellbutrin after 13 years of taking psychotropics and a handful of psychiatrists.

I have been severely allergic to dust, animals, mold, pollen, grass.  From one session only I was able to understand that when I sneezed it was a physical reaction to an emotional pattern.  The emotion was one of feeling powerless and defeat.  Well, I no longer sneeze anymore.  Jacinta brought me back to the first time my sneezing ever occurred.  I was 6 yrs. old and my mother had forced me to celebrate my birthday with the many neighborhood kids even though I didn’t want to.  What could I do? (sneeze)  My mother wouldn’t honor that.  She wouldn’t listen to me.  She went through all the trouble to bake a cake.  I felt misery. 

When people begin to realize the depth of the way their triggers play on a belief system, it may place their ego in a vulnerable place.  Because of this some do not return for RET.

Others do not follow up to make other sessions because they feel justified to feel hurt or illusions.  Their ego protects this belief.

When going to several sessions, you realize part of you doesn’t want to deal with the emotions because they are real and have baggage.  Do you want to reveal this aspect of yourself?  Even to family?  This question would arise in me if I felt insecure.

As I continue treatment because of the understanding that I will always need help.

And knowing where TO GET HELP is all the better.

I feel very comfortable in RET with Jacinta.  I know the psychiatrist atmosphere well and let me tell you it cannot compare to the intuitive care of a devoted listener, an enlightened mother and also RET practitioner.  These RET people are special people.  I am honored to know one, even as a friend.

We are all connected." - M. S.

"I am pleased to write a reference for Judi Meskel, an old firend and colleague who is currently getting started in the field of RET. I have known Judi for many years and have always found her to be honest, sincere, and pleasant in all aspects of our relationship." - A. O.

I have recently undergone a diagnosis of cancer (happily, it is now in remission) and I turned to Judi and her RET training for some counseling and help. I definitely do not regret that decision. She has been kind, well-trained, competent and powerful in helping me get through this difficult time in my life. I reccomend her as a professional and caring Rapid Eye Technician.

"Rapid Eye therapy with Jacinta really made a difference in my daily life. It was a very effective means of helping clear up an emotional mess after I had a hard break up from a long-term relationship. I would highly recomend Jacinta to anyone in need of this wonderful alternative therapy because not only is she sensitive and intuitive, but she has insight to things you never imagined possible." - D.

Through RET I have completely overcome depression. My energy levels have returned to normal and I love life more than ever before.
— - D. D.

"RET has been life changing and has made my recovery from Heroin Addiction successful.  I had been through traditional treatment programs several times and relapsed each time.  

The cravings are gone, I am enjoying a productive new life.  I am grateful for my technician and the tools I was taught. 

Through RET and the Skills for Life I have found my spiritual path, which is what I was searching for through Heroin.  I am High on Life NOW!" - C.

"In one session of RET, I found the birth-place of that horrible negative voice that plagued me in every job and every project throughout my life, and then in the same session, released it, never to be plagued again.  Impossible you say?  Thats what I said before RET, but now Im a true believer.  

The "impossible" happened for me when I presented myself for a session with the intent to release anger that I felt in a situation between my husband and I.  The RET Tech set to work with her little wand, waving in front of my eyes, while I blinked rapidly.  My thoughts flipped from one angry situation in my life to the next, at a speed I can only liken to a cartoon book being flipped quickly, so that the story appears to be animated. Each one of my angry memories like a page in that cartoon book, each situation connected by my anger, moving by so fast that I could only witness the experience.  

The RET Tech immediately changed her wand movements in response to my emotions, to release the pain and traumatic memory.  My body made a series of mild jerks as the memory stored in my cells and muscles left.  I witnessed the pain and the profound discomfort of those ancient feelings, and then I witnessed the release when they flew out all in the space of five or six seconds.  In their place, I was left with profound relief.  

That old anger that always seemed to bubble up at inopportune times was no longer waiting in the wings to sabotage me.  I had control!!"   - K. D.

The best part of RET for me, was that she wasn’t interested in all the details; she was after the emotions; what I was feeling was the basis for what I was releasing.
— P. J.

"There was a well of sadness inside of me then, but Rapid Eye helped me to grieve and move on in a healthy way."  - E. D.

"I was stuck in mind patterns of guilt and inferiority and was able to move passed those in order to feel more confident in myself and create solid boundaries in my relationships but also to be more open to accepting love and graciousness into my life. I left every session feeling energized and content."    - H. P.

"I have struggled with debilitating anxiety and depression since childhood, and had tried everything from talk therapy to pharmaceuticals to help me deal with those issues. Then I found RET and Jenifer. I noticed a difference in the way I dealt with life after the first session. There is incredible healing in RET. The most amazing part is that it is such a personally empowering experience because you are doing the work yourself and learning skills that extend beyond the sessions."    - J. P.

I had a life-changing experience after just one session. I was able to let go of a lot and I noticed the change immediately. I also continued to see and feel changes for weeks.
— S.R.

"When I tell people what I used to be like and act like they cannot believe it. They say they could never see me being like that because I am so different today. Everyone including myself can see that I did a 180 and changed my life for the better. I have let go of all my anger and sorrow from the trauma I experienced in my life." - P.

"How has RET benefited me? I am calmer. I am better able to de-stress on my own.I am able to concentrate. I recognize patterns in my circumstances so that I can keep away negative thoughts and emotions. Since RET I can concentrate and read books again. Before RET my life had become so unmanageable. RET works. It helps each person in the way that they personally need." - T. F.

"Paula helped me release some nagging inner core feelings I had about my relationship with my parents. It was weird but helpful. I feel much better about myself and them." - C. B.

"I have had 2 treatments so far and am amazed at the results I am getting. Old baggage is just slipping away and I feel lighter. My stress levels have dropped considerably allowing me to make better decisions and relax. Stress is a big deal in my life and to be able to get this kind of a handle on it is something I thought would never happen for me. I truly believe in this technology." - J. V.

"Before Rapid Eye, I was feeling depressed, miserable and unhappy. During RET sessions with Sharon, I was able to release the negative hurtful feelings from childhood school days that had haunted me for years. After completing 18 RET sessions, I am so much happier and get along with everyone at work. My life is greatly improved and I still don't have any road rage!" - J.P.

"Just when I think I couldn't possibly have a better RET session, you come up with a new one. Amazing work you're doing. Everything I've done with you has improved my every day living. It's so applicable there needs to be a new word for applicable! Finally, finally, finally, I've found self improvement that goes beyond the theory." - C. S. 

"RET, with Paula Bronte as my facilitator, has truly changed my life for the better. It has helped me release patterns that have plagued me since childhood and changed all of my relationships. After years of traditional therapy and counseling I've finally found a process that can clear the patterns, not just uncover them. The changes I have experienced have been profound and permanent." -N.R.

My adult child is kinder, patient, calm and overall nice to me. There is change in my daughter since she had begun sessions and I really notice it.
— L. R.

"Since childhood I have struggled with depression, which led to over eating and involved into food addiction. Through Rapid Eye Technology I have cleared my trauma and issues pertaining to my food addiction. I am on a journey into weight loss and I am more confident and happy with myself." - S. L.

"I am so grateful for Rapid Eye Technology (RET). It has helped me to overcome my addiction to cigarettes.  I smoked for 30 years and quit several times. If any if you smoke out there you know how hard it is to quit, for good. It was a miracle that I found Paula. She knew the right sessions to give me and how to clear the core issues of my addiction. Within three sessions I completely lost the urge to smoke. 

That was in 2007 and I have not touched a cigarette since. I can be in a room full of people smoking and have no desire to smoke; and I like the smell of cigarettes. Wow, that is amazing, who would have thought, me of all people “Miss Dragon Lady”! 

I am so amazed with the ability to clear my negative patterns that I want to study Rapid Eye Technology, I know I can help a lot of people knowing what it did for me." - M. P.

"I have been very pleased with the results I've gotten from Rapid Eye Technology. I made very quick progress processing old emotional pain with this method of healing; must faster than years of talk therapy ever got me.  So, I highly recommend RET." - L. H.

Notes from beginning session:

"Hopeless, discouraged, deflated, used and deeply sad.

It looks a bit overwhelming and somewhat cancerous as if affecting all parts of me.

I want to get from Rapid Eye…..Harmony & Peace.  A sense of direction in my purpose.

I feel as if this is my last and first chance at making my relationships work."

Notes from after 4 sessions:

"Hopeful, more encouragement & supported by others, happy & ready to bloom.

My situation has changed…….. I sleep better, worry less.  My daughter seems in a better place and I feel less affected by her situation.

I have gotten from Rapid Eye……  A better sense of self, limits & personal control over my life & environment.

I want to feel more detached from the choices others make, with me as part of the equation, without my consent."

Notes from 2 years later:

"I had a total of 10 sessions.  My last session was about 1 1/2 years ago.

My results from Rapid Eye are outstanding. I feel peaceful, relaxed, in control of my life and events that occur don't damage my sense of well being or affect my life in negative ways. I'm able to solve problems without fret or worry and I feel full of energy and endless possibilities. 

Without exaggeration, Rapid Eye saved my life. It saved my daughters life and it helped every aspect of my relationships improve. I don't dwell in sadness. Things that happened in my life don't define it. They aren't my story. Everyday is a new day and I am ready to experience miracles. My miracle is my wonderful family. ❤️🤗🤗 I'm filled with gratitude and thankful for the gift of life. My life. It's beautiful." - N. G.

In one session, I released a problem that I had worked on in weekly sessions of traditional psychotherapy for four years with no relief from my distress, no end to my compulsive thoughts!
— K.

"I feel that Rapid Eye Therapy has played a huge role in my emotional, mental and spiritual health.  So many issues came to the surface; some I didn’t even know existed.  I became more aware of what was going on inside of me, it helped me to figure out what direction I wanted to start heading in.

Before Rapid Eye I was a person who could easily fall into depression and stay there for days, or weeks.  I was lost, I wasn’t happy, I didn’t have a lot of motivation and most of all I was really lacking self-confidence.  And I was also terrible at expressing my feelings.  Either I wouldn’t release them, or I would get overly emotional.  It is really a tough spot to be in when you don’t communicate about what is going on inside.

It has been about eight months now, I believe, since my last session, and I say with all honesty that these past eight months have been the best of my life.  I can’t recall ever having gone such long periods of time where I am happy, content in the present, and really open with others and myself.  I have a confidence in myself now that wasn’t there before.  I have become really clear on what my boundaries are, and I am now very good at laying them on the table.  To me, Rapid Eye was like taking a step up to the next level, bringing me closer to the place I want to be in life.

Of course I still have my moments, issues come up and processes start to move through them.  If it were not for Rapid Eye I don’t know that I would so readily and easily accept my issues and try to work through them.  I once was a person who would just suppress, hold it in, and try not to think about it.  It is truly phenomenal to me that so much self-growth and life changes have come about in such a short period of time.  I would proudly say that Rapid Eye Therapy has made me a stronger person, in the most positive way it has changed my life." - D. P.

Notes from beginning session:

"Feeling disconnected from myself, & undeserving.  It looks like I don’t care about myself, I feel like the victim. Trust Issues!  Caring what other’s judgements are is too much. 

I want to get from Rapid Eye…. freedom, acceptance, understanding, self-worth, strength.

I feel like no one understands or cares to.  They usually have their own intentions prior to meeting me."

Notes after 4 sessions:

"Feeling a little more self-dependent, irritated still at times, at my living situation.  Finding I just do things & let others convince me otherwise & then make a conscious decision. 

My situation has changed….. I don’t need anyone anymore to be around me 24/7 because I hate being alone.  I actually enjoy being with & around myself & learning who I AM.  More Independent.

I have gotten from Rapid Eye…. Self love, discernment, understanding, freedom from certain thoughts.

I feel better, just not 100%.  Rapid Eye is awesome :-)  I’ve never felt this way.  I feel a lot better mentally."

Notes from 2 years later:

"I had about 15 sessions.  My last session was about 1 year ago.

My results from Rapid Eye are……Increased communication skills with people around me and my left and right brain making connections and realizations it hasn't before . When I get depressed or upset I know it's okay to feel what I'm feeling but after a little while I'm just naturally done feeling that way instead of being stuck in the yuck ! I've been sober since dedicating myself to rapid eye.  All my cravings slowly went away and now every day I wake up brighter and brighter and I know for a fact I will never go back !! I never thought I'd have the strength to do so but here I am !! My mother and I have a way better relationship, the best we have ever had .. we communicate healthy and support healthy.  We are not so entangled anymore and that is a huge weight lifted !! I am forever thankful for rapid eye.  It showed me that anything is possible 💕." - T. Q.

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