We are now growing our online directory of Rapid Eye Technicians and other holistic practitioners for your ease of searching. The individuals listed operate their own private businesses, so please contact them directly to schedule a session and ask about pricing. Generally sessions are around $100 and last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Please see the RET Directory to find all the Rapid Eye Technicians outside of the Portland metro area and the one closest to you!


Below we have those that are affiliated with Rapid Eye Portland.

The women behind Rapid Eye Portland, October 2016

The women behind Rapid Eye Portland, October 2016


Jenifer Zink, MRET

Jenifer Zink is a Master Rapid Eye Technician living in Portland, OR with her husband Michael.  She fell in love with Rapid Eye and became certified in 2006. She is gentle and straightforward, and creates a safe, comfortable environment to facilitate positive change. Jenifer meets you with compassion, and works with you to uncover what you would rather experience. She is a master of her tool, Rapid Eye Technology, and updates her skills often with continuing education. Thinking of herself as a clinician, she uses her skill with proficiency, and honors each client’s individual journey of healing and personal growth. Jenifer can work with all types of issues that a client will present. Many of her clients had reported feelings of anxiety, depression, family relationship issues, and stress related to physical ailments. Jenifer has witnessed profound positive results using Rapid Eye Technology with these clients.  

Have you felt like life has been hard lately? Is there a trauma or pattern from the past that seems to just keep coming back up?  

Contact Jenifer to schedule a session and see if Rapid Eye is the right thing for you. 



Jacinta wiley, rapid eye trainer, MRET

Jacinta’s passion for Rapid Eye comes from personal experience.

Jacinta likes working with families.  All are welcome.  She uses the techniques and processes from the Rapid Eye Model to help relieve stress.

She offers personal sessions and trainings in Portland.
Available: Tuesdays and some Sundays




Judi Meskel, MRET

Judi has been a Rapid Eye Technician since 2006 and earned her Masters in 2007.
She has her practice at her home in Milwaukie, but is happy to travel within the Portland area to a clients home if that is preferred.

Judi is especially talented and intuitive in the use of her skills and her knowledge of sessions.  She has the ability to walk with a client through emotional and physical experiences with grace and ease.

Clients say that their experiences with Judi have been healing and have been the most help they could ever expect.

She welcomes all ages in her practice.  She finds helping women with depression and grief has been especially rewarding.  She also enjoys working with men, and notices that men can have a tendency to be private, finding their life experiences and traumas difficult to verbalize.  The Rapid Eye model is a great way for men to process their issues without having to tell someone their whole story.

Whatever your age or your intentions in releasing your past issues, Judi is a great choice as a Technician.

Judi Meskel
(503) 504-5983


Jasmine Nelson, RET

Bio coming soon...


Other affiliated practitioners

Lina Watanabe - Medical Herbalist, Certified Reiki Practitioner

Lina Watanabe is the owner of Wild Rose Healing where she practices traditional western herbal consultations, creates medicinal strength herbal products and formulations under the name Botanica Apothecaria, and is a Reiki Master practitioner with people and animals. Lina believes in supporting her client's own bodies to heal themselves and manage their dis-ease and stress by following their own individual path to wellness, relaxation, and happiness. She has a Bachelor's of Science in Herbal Sciences from Bastyr University and multiple certifications in Reiki with people and animals. She is a friend of the Rapid Eye Technology community and is happy to help them be successful in their business by managing their creative side and vision. Lina is available for in-person or distance appointments, please contact her below or see her website for more information.

Wild Rose Healing







Rapid Eye Portland aura photo, taken 9/16/16

Rapid Eye Portland aura photo, taken 9/16/16


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We are just getting started here in Portland.  We have seen many people benefit from Rapid Eye Technology and our goal is to have a physical place where people can walk in and get sessions (regardless of income status), join a class, browse our shop, become trained, or just enjoy our space. We greatly appreciate you checking out our website. If you interested in any of the above, or becoming a part of our Association, please let us know by emailing, calling us, or filling out our form on the contact page. We would love to hear from you. -Rapid Eye Portland


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