What To Expect - Experiencing a session is as unique as people are.  You can expect to feel safe.  You will be instructed to blink, breathe, relax, and move your eyes.  You will not be asked to do or say anything against what you want.  You do not have to tell your story.  Sessions are tailored to each individual client.  There are lots of preset scripts the technician will choose from to match as closely as possible any presenting emotion.  It can be deeply relaxing and you may feel a bit tired, or for some it may be very rejuvenating.   The scripts are meant to release fear and negative feelings about self and replace with love and positive feelings for self.  

After a session, it is important to drink water, as there are important changes taking place in the cells of your body.  Some people have not felt anything during or after a session.  And yet they still notice lasting positive change and have benefited greatly, as witnessed by their loved ones.  Everyone processes differently.  Even if the changes are subtle they are often profound.  When something happens, you may think "oh, wow, that would have gotten me so upset in the past, and it just doesn't anymore."  "Oh, I can't even remember feeling that way!" is something technicians often hear.  

12 Session Package - It takes approximately 12 sessions to complete a basic program.  This includes scripts for childhood stages, relationships, grief, forgiveness, and anger.  It also includes body learnings, imageries and learning skills and tools for your personal emotional safety and maintenance.  Ask your technician if they offer a discount on pre-paid package deals.

Individual Sessions - Most sessions are 60 - 90 minutes long.  Each technician has their own practice and office space, and chooses what they would like to charge for each session.  Sometimes newly trained technicians will offer a lower rate because they want hone their skills and gain experience.  Contact the technician directly to ask about their fees or scheduling.  

Targeted Group Sessions - Group sessions allow people to share a session.  These are targeted to a specific subject for that one hour session.  For example, on the calendar it might say, "Group Session - Addiction" at 6pm Sat. or on a different date, it may say "Group Session - Facing Fears".  

This is a great wellness centered gift you could offer the workplace to lower stress.  Or, get your family members and friends together for a group session on the whatever issue you want to work on.  During the group session you experience the Rapid Eye Technology.  It is not necessary for group members to talk with each other in depth about the issue.   

Email  for more info and Group Session Pricing


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