Intro to Rapid Eye - A two hour workshop, where you can learn more about this fascinating tool we all can use to enhance our lives.  You will see a demonstration and have an opportunity to get your questions answered.  Usually a donation only class.

Skills for Living- A two hour workshop, focusing on principals of personal growth.  Gain accountability, deeper insight, and understanding about our thoughts and perceptions and how they affect our daily life.  An interactive group class, more than a lecture, it provides a space for us to cognitively "get it" while having a good time.  Usually a donation only class.

Family Matrix - A half day or evening workshop that takes place around an individual's family pattern they would like to shift.  Observers may be asked to participate.  Participation is not required.  The person of focus watches with other observers as the participants stand in proxy for the pattern holders, breaking up old patterns and replacing with a new realignment.  This is very powerful work.  All people there benefit from the realignment.  A Family Matrix will usually be able to process about one person of focus' pattern in one hour.  Ask for more info and pricing.



Rapid Eye Technician Training - Anyone can become a Certified Rapid Eye Technician with this easy home study course!  People take Rapid Eye Training for different reasons.  Some people, having been helped in a session, want to offer that to family members and that is all they want to do with it.  Other's are looking for a career where they can help others while enjoying flexibility and independance.  

This is a home-study course, broken into four phases.  To graduate the full program you must complete all of the home study portion phases and submit all required information.  You must also attend a 4 1/2 day training to get signed off on your proficiency and understanding of the materials/ techniques and processes.  Phases 1-3 are also offered as stand alone certifications.  And they can also be broken down into 9 lessons of $110 each.  To purchases the entire program at once the cost is $4,500.  To learn more, visit

Phase 1- Certified IRT Practitioner. $1,200

Phase 2- Certified Life Skills Teacher. $1,200

Phase 3- Certified Life Coach. $1,200

Phase 4- Certified Rapid Eye Technician.  $2,100  (must have completed phases 1-3).


Souls With Stamina - Souls With Stamina is an 8 day intensive Human Relations Training.  Learn more about who you really are and how you are valuable.  Learn to let your light shine so others may experience the best of you.  This training event is very valuable and a great bargain at only $2,500.00 for all eight days.  Does not include lodging and food.                                   Email for more info.


NOteS about classes/workshops/trainings

*Class Schedules depend on interest and participation.  If you would like more information about upcoming classes, please send us an email from our contact page. 

*If you are interested in sponsoring a class, that is another option to bring it to your neighborhood!  Sponsoring, basically means that you set it up, and we come and facilitate it.  We’ll support you, to find an event space, select a day/time, and produce enough interest from friends, family or your community that the required attendance will be met.  Prices, group size and available days will vary depending on the workshop or class.  Usually when someone sponsors, they are able to pay for their own entrance fee by doing so.  Its a great way to take the class you want and get your own group of friends or family involved!  Contact us for more information, we are happy to support you!


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