The power of intention

Setting Intent

Intention is a deliberate thought process for action to take place in our lives.  As we set an intention, our body, mind and emotions have a track to run on.  The universe (God, light, source) honors the intent of our hearts.  Intention is an ENERGY that is directed and specific.  In life, always work with a stated intention.  Intention is like the road map of life.

Everything in the universe is a form of energy.  It occurs in two states, materialized energy and un-materialized energy.  The things we see around us such as cars, houses, books and trees are examples of materialized energy.  All energy that is not in materialized form, is unorganized matter in the Universe.  Intention is un-materialized or unorganized energy.

Both states of energy are more similar in form than appears.  Even those objects which seem most solid, like steel beams, concrete walls, chairs we sit on, appear as molecules in motion when viewed under high power microscopes.  How does energy reach its materialized form?  By using intention, we organize matter.  Whatever we see around us was at some prior time a thought, then an intention to be or create something, and then action took place to create it.

Since we are the creators of our thoughts and intentions, and matter is all around us just waiting to be organized, this places each of us in an extraordinarily powerful position.  What else do we know about energy?  It is in infinite supply and available to everyone all the time.  There is intelligence behind energy and it follows very definite laws.  This is good news because we can begin to intend what we do want (direct the energy) and avoid giving energy to what we don’t want.

We are influencing energy all of the time, since we are thinking all of the time.  This is true whether or not we are consciously aware of it.  Through our thoughts and language, we are stating intentions that energy follows.  Psychologists tell us that we have upwards of 50,000 thoughts each day.  Most of them are the same as the ones we had the day before.  The moment that energy leaves just random thought and moves to INTENTION, it is then ready to move to creation.

Our beliefs, which are really deep feeling experiences, are responsible for the quality of our lives.  As we change out beliefs, we change the quality of our lives.  It is essential that we appreciate the significance of feelings and emotions… they are energy.  It is the feeling behind the thought that gives our intentions their power.  Speaking them out loud brings the intention into 3rd dimension and it begins to create.

Many people speak intentions and it seems to go nowhere.  Statements such as “I tried that and nothing happened,” or “Stating intentions never works for me.” are usually about not holding the intention long enough.  And the mere fact the above statements have been thought and said, they are now intentions!  Lynn Grabhorn, in her book, Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, states that holding an intention for at least 16 seconds with intense feeling will jump start your intentions.

An important aspect of setting intentions to better our lives is that we are free to have any intentions we wish at any time.  This flows from the concept of free will, or free choice, an underlying principle in the Universe.  It helps to understand that when you state an intention - especially with intense feeling behind it, you are directing the energy to create what you want.  When we state intentions and they manifest, we have often heard the statement, “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it!”  This is how powerful intentions are.

So in life, what is the end result you desire?  If you were asked, “If you could have a miracle today, what would it be?  And the answer was to not be a diabetic anymore, put it into the positive… “So you want to be healthy and strong with stable normal blood sugar readings?” is a possible answer.  This gives energy to what you DO WANT.

Another way of describing the principle of intention is to say that everything we have is what we want.  Or, if we look around us and see what we have, we know that we have it because we want it.  If you want to know what you are committed to, check your results.  We have conscious intentions and unconscious intentions.

Taking responsibility for what we have now is the key to releasing the power which is inherently available to us through use of the principle of INTENTION.

In order to remind us of the power of intention, imagine being surrounded by 360 degrees of mirrors.  Everything we experience is a direct reflection of what we ask for - either consciously or unconsciously.

Another way to view this is by using the concept of energy.  Energy flows out of our bodies like a signal or wave length from a radio or television station.  Each of us emits a very precise signal.  Everyone and everything in our environment picks up these signals.  However, only those who are on the same wave length respond to them, as only those radios and televisions tuned to a particular station or channel will pick up the signal of the station or channel.  The result is that we attract into our lives those people and those circumstances that are in alignment with the energy signals we emit.

If we are emitting signals of anger, we may attract people and circumstances that bring anger into our lives.  If we emit signals of happiness, we attract people and circumstances that bring happiness into our lives.  It’s that simple.  And it works that way all of the time, with no exceptions.  “As a man believes, so is he.”

The above paragraph is not meant to make anyone feel guilty.  There are many more intentions that are operating in our lives.  Some are on the spiritual level (contracts); some on the mental level, or our environment.  On the emotional level our immediate 3emotions are affecting our results; and physically we have DNA patterns.  Many people who are willing to do their personal work are generational pattern-breakers.  Be gentle with yourself because this is what we came to learn and do.  The good news is that it is okay we have something to do with what shows up for us, because then we can change it!  We are not victims on any level, AND when we are in particular experiences, it sure can feel like it.

It is wise for all and especially healers to continue to do their own work.  True light workers choose not to judge someone else’s situations; we do not know what spiritual processes are going on!  Our spirit continues to grow through negative and positive experiences, and in humanities perception, positive has been perceived that we are doing well, and negative means we did something wrong.  Be open to the possibility that BOTH ways of learning are growth.

One of the most powerful ways of setting intention and using this law consciously is to speak your intentions and give them lots of energy.  Keep speaking out loud what it is that you are really about and what it is you really want to create.  It is like being your own radio announcer by choosing what signals you send out.

Setting intent is a very powerful way of consciously creating your life



Setting intent gives clear instructions to your body and the universe.  Setting intention is done by stating intentions in your mind AND out loud, i.e., “My intention is to release my presenting issue as fast as my body can comfortably handle it.”

Note:  Emotion is “E-Motion” - energy in motion, so the more passion you have about your intention the quicker it will manifest.

When you set intent with yourself or others, it is meant to be on all levels of consciousness (physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body).  Include each of the following:

Physical - Move your eyes back and forth and state your intent out loud.  Example: “I am able to be healthy, strong, and keep a stable blood sugar.”  Using the word “able” bridges the gap from what they are doing to what they want to do.

Mental - Be very clear and use language that will assist your intention in the positive, because what you ask for, you tend to get.  Example: “My intention is to release as fast and comfortably as my body can handle it.”  Figure out what you really want.  Example:  Some people want to quit smoking, but they really don’t want to quit smoking, so their work gets sabotaged.  Know the differences between Perception and Projection.  Perceptions are feelings and projections are judgements.  The mental judgements we make can hinder our intentions.  Example:  A person wants a new car, however, every time they hear about someone else getting a new car, they project anger/jealousy and the negative energy hinders their intention to get a new car.

Emotional - Having strong positive emotions are important in setting intention.  The more enthusiasm/passion involved the better the results.  Educate yourself about the energy of passion and enthusiasm and how it creates quickly.  Example:  If a person is passive about buying a car, it will not manifest as fast if their emotional body does not get involved.  If the emotional body feels enthusiastic about the smell, the excitement of driving it, the visual color, the places they can go, etc. manifestation speed increases.

Spiritual - On the spiritual level one is already whole, healed and perfect, and already has an intention.  Hold this space of perfection and wholeness.  Hold the intention to assist in removing all blocks to this universal truth in all your personal growth.

- Unknown Source

3 Super-fast frequency-raising techniques

The key to feeling better and being more spiritually attuned is always to raise your frequency.

Here are some instant frequency boosters that will have you flying high in no time!


  • Palm-Rub Sevens

Place your palms together and rub back and forth, seven rubs.  Once you are used to what seven rubs feels like, speed up your rubbing so that one set of seven takes only a second or two.  Pay attention to the sensations in other parts of your body while doing this - tingles!  Do multiple sets of this whenever you feel the need to rev up your frequency.  Seven sets of seven really works spectacularly!


  • Infinity Bridge

Close your eyes and imagine that there is an infinity symbol (a horizontal figure 8) bridging your left and right brain hemispheres, with one loop on each side and the crossover point in the center where the corpus callosum would be.  See the symbol lit up with energy, and see this energy using the symbol as a kind of track.  Run the energy along the lines of the symbol rapidly, as many times as feels right to you.  Your eyes will probably want to sweep along with the energy as it goes around and around.  Remember to breathe!


  • Quick Mini-Meditation

With your eyes closed, face forward, roll your eyes downward toward your chin and hold (unless you do regular eye exercises, you will feel a mild strain).  Gradually roll them upward (over about 10 seconds), stopping when they are pointing toward your third eye (center of your forehead).  This, too, may cause a mild, and not unpleasant strain.  Hold for 10 seconds, then release eyes to relaxed position.  You will be a little spacey immediately after doing this, so be aware that you are in a safe place for this.

And always stay well-hydrated.  You are an electromagnetic entity and being hydrated is necessary for attainment of higher frequency and the health, joy and fulfillment it offers.

- Author Unknown

11 beliefs that will not cause problems

  • Everyone doesn't have to love me

Not everyone has to love me or even like me.  I don’t necessarily like everybody I know so why should everybody else like me?  I enjoy being liked and being loved, but if somebody doesn’t like me, I will still be okay and still feel like I am an okay person.  I cannot “make” somebody like me anymore than someone can make me like them.  I don’t need approval all the time.  If someone does not approve of me I will still be okay.


  • It is ok to make mistakes

It is okay to make a mistake.  Making mistakes is something we all do and I am still a fine and worthwhile person when I make mistakes.  There is no reason for me to get upset when I make a mistake.  I am doing well even if I make a mistake and I am going to continue.  I can handle making a mistake.  It is okay for others to make mistakes too.  I will accept mistakes in myself and also mistakes that others make.


  • Other people are ok and i am ok.

People who do things I don’t like are not necessarily bad people.  They should not necessarily be punished just because I don’t like what they do or did.  There is no reason why another person should be the way I want them to be.  I cannot control other people or change them.  They are who they are.  We all deserve basic respect and reasonable treatment.


  • i don't have to control things

I will survive if things are different than what I want them to be.  I can accept things the way they are, and accept myself the way I am.  There is no reason to be upset if I cannot change things to fit my idea of how they ought to be.  There is no reason why I should have to like everything.  Even if I don’t like it, I can live with it.


  • I am responsible for my day

I am responsible for how I feel and for what I do.  Nobody can make me feel anything.  If I have rotten day, I am the one who allowed it to be that way.  If I have a great day, I am the one who deserves credit for being positive.  It is not the responsibility of other people to change so that I can feel better.  I am the one who is in charge of my life.


  • I can handle it when things go wrong

I don’t need to watch out for things to o wrong.  Things usually go just fine and when they don’t I can handle it.  I don’t have to waste my energy worrying.  The sky won’t fall in, things will be okay.


  • it is important to do what you need to do

I can, even though I may be faced with difficult tasks - do what I need to do.  It is better to do them than to avoid them.  Avoiding a task does not give me any opportunities for success or joy.  I will do it even if I don’t want to.  I would like for it to be easy, but not everything will be easy.  Things worth having are worth the effort.  I might not be able to do everything, but I can do something.  Some things are hard - but I can do hard things.


  • i am capable

I don’t need someone else to take care of my problems.  I am capable.  I can take care of myself.  I can make decisions for myself.  I can think for myself.  I don’t have to depend on somebody else to take care of me.


  • i can change

I can change.  I don’t have to be a certain way because of what has happened in the past.  Every day is a new day.  It’s silly to think I can’t help being the way I am.  Of course I can.


  • other people are capable

I can’t solve other people’s problems for them.  I don’t have to take on other people’s problems as if they were my own.  I don’t need to change other people or fix up their lives.  Nobody is a fixer-upper!  They are capable and cat take care of themselves and can solve their own problems.  I can share and be of some help but I can’t do everything for them.


  • everyone has something worthwhile to do

There is more than one way to do something.  More than one person has good ideas that will work.  There is no one and only “best” way.  Everybody has ideas that are worthwhile to contribute.


- Unknown Source

Eye Patching

Eye Patching is covering one eye with an approved patch for stress release. Eye Patching is a whole therapy developed by Dr. Michael Kaplan, the author of the book, Seeing Beyond 20/20. During his research he found that patching not only improved eye sight, but he added researched results to the information already know about left/right brain. Dr. Kaplan theorized that the emotional part of the brain while patching was also accessed and "put into motion." He found out that patching had emotional therapeutic value.

When the Rapid Eye research team first studied eye patching, it was found to assist clients between sessions to get out of upset because it was found that most triggers and issues are in the left brain and “L” modes in both left and right brains.  The American Institute of Trauma also supports that it is in the left brain where trauma is stored.  Then it was studied by the RET Institute in conjunction with tapping on pressure points to move stuck energy out of the head area.  What was eventually found was that if one can find the patched eye that feels the most comfortable, it relieves stress.  This was valuable because its kept the technique simple … patch the eye that makes you feel the most positive when you are upset.  We believe the following quote to be true.  “If you continue to see things the way you have always seen them, you will continue to do what you have always done, and get what you have always gotten.”  It serves to be open and consciously work to see things differently.

Asstated earlier, there is an “L” mode and an “R” mode in each side of the brain.  Each brain hemisphere has various brain functions.  One is organized linearly while the other spatially.  If each brain hemisphere were a man watching a train, one (the linear one) would see the train go by from the level of the tracks, one car at a time in great detail.  The other (the spatial one) would see it from a helicopter hovering far above noticing where the train came from, where it’s going and how many cars in total with very little, if any, detail.  Placing an eye patch over one eye causes the brain (and mind) to “see” things differently.  Patching the eye that makes you feel the best will keep you thinking at a more positive frequency.

Visual stimulus to one brain hemisphere is significantly curtailed when the eye that services that side is patched.  About 85-90% of all visual sensory input comes from the eye opposite each brain hemisphere.  In other words, the right eye communicates with the left brain while the left eye communicates with the right brain hemisphere.  Most people are very familiar with left/right brain.  Each side ALSO has within it and “L” and “R” mode.  This is important because one can be right brain dominant and still accessing the “L” mode in the opposite side of the brain which enables them to be balanced.  The same goes for left brain dominant people.  They could be accessing the “R” mode in their opposite side brain and be very balanced.

As you patch each eye one at a time, the mental level understands that you have these two brain hemispheres and all its “L” and “R” modes, and because of this understanding, it will cause changes in the perceptions of physical, mental, and emotional reasoning.  It is able to do this because when patched, the brain is getting different input than when it is not patched.

As you patch one eye you close down the visual input to the opposing brain hemisphere because the optic nerve crosses to the opposite brain hemisphere for processing.  As the eye is left open behind the patch what the eye “sees” is what is referred to as a Ganzfeld field (named for a German researcher).  A Ganzfeld field is a visual field or picture that is flat with no variations.  Understanding the Ganzfeld field is important because it tells us why to keep the eye open under the patch.  The brain says, “The eye is open.  I should be getting input, but I am not getting input.”  This forces the brain to communicate with the open eye furiously to find out why there is no input.  This furious brain activity is what leads to the changes in the perceptions of physical, mental and emotional reasoning.

Why Use a Particular Kind of Patch?  In the RET model we use a type of patch with a flat, featureless background.  This is conducive to cultivating intuitive powers including the ability to view the human energy field.  It also offers the least stress on the optic nerves because of the way the patch is made to keep the eye open.  The optic nerve tends to relax when staring at a Ganzfeld field, optimizing inner vision and imagination while relaxing the eyes.  Remember, when using the skill of eye patching, it is done with both eyes open, one of course under a patch.  We patch the comfortable eye (the one client has found they feel the most positive while patching) to calm.

In RET/IRT we use eye patching for the Self-Care program, for clients to take care of their negative feelings between sessions.  They are also used in sessions to quiet the mind or bring up emotions in clients as needed.  We also use this skill to enhance communication by putting people in the same mode while together, so they can understand each other better.

Patch one eye for a period of time, then the other for the same amount of time.  Note what eye feels the most comfortable.  Some people report it is uncomfortable to patch either eye, or it’s comfortable in both eyes.  There will always be one eye that is a “little” more comfortable.  Eye Patching offers a self-empowerment technique for balancing brain hemispheres in times of stress, and for mental clarity, improved intuitive powers and enhanced learning.

Patch the eye that makes you feel the best as a safeguard to manage issues that continue to come up.  When couples experience difficulty communicating with each other, they can each patch one eye (patch the eye that calms them down) and talk with each other, focusing on positive communication.  Just the fact that they are no longer looking at each other in the same way can create a powerful environment for change.

People that are out of balance between their masculine and feminine energy can benefit from eye patching.  Students who wish to accelerate their learning, increase reading speed, and improve comprehension will benefit from eye patching.   Patching before bed can improve the probability that you will experience lucid dreaming (the most powerful form of imagery).  Eye Patching will serve you and your clients to improve mental clarity, sensory acuteness, and well-being on many levels.

For most people patching the left eye tends to shut down the “R” mode and helps one to focus.  This may cause one to be irritable.  Patching the right eye tends to shut down the “L” mode and the person can see the whole picture and begins to feel peaceful.  In communication with others it helps to patch one eye, then the other, to balance the brain.  Always end by patching the eye that makes you feel the most positive.  There is no set time for patching.  Everyone is different.  Patch until you get the result you want.

Caution:  Do not patch an eye while operating equipment, driving, using sharp implements like knives, or when depth perception is necessary like walking up and down stairs.

mind traps

12 ways we insulate ourselves.

  1. Righteousness: Need to be right, "superior", perspective, justification, judgement, closed and fixed on a position.

  2. Resentment: A lot about blame, feeling victimized, jealousy, envy, powerlessness, retaliation.

  3. Regret: Unwillingness to let yourself off the hook, guilt, focus on the past.

  4. Resignation: Hopelessness, pointlessness, despair, giving up.

  5. Confusion: Unwilling to be clear, (clarity is a choice).

  6. Worry/Hope: Not being present - hanging out in the past or future. Worry = negative mediation.

  7. Self-doubt: Second-guessing of oneself.

  8. Explanation: Always having a reason or justification, brain-bound, avoidance of feelings, driven by a fear of being misunderstood (most tender people of all).

  9. Cynicism: Giving away one's own responsibility, avoidance, all about separation, giving up of one's belief, faith, and trust.

  10. Placation: Acquiescence, compliance, rolling over - giving up your own truth.

  11. Con: Having a mask, image, lack of self-worth, lack of realness, facades.

  12. Disassociation: Tuning out one's own experience, separation from feelings.

Happiness - It's only Natural

Once you see these factors as simply the unchangeable realities of your earlier life, rather than problems; you can put the responsibility for change where it belongs; on you today, and not on your background. How to go about it? Here are seven suggestions that should help.

  • Eliminate all roles that you’ve adopted in your life; behave as you want to rather than in terms of how you feel you’re supposed to. If your behavior has been circumscribed by a role, then you as a person have been negated, and the role has taken over. There is no “right” way for people to behave. Be “you” each moment and rid yourself of roles.


  • Take constructive risks in your life. If you’ve always been shy and reserved, introduce yourself to a stranger. If you want to tell your mother how you feel about her behavior, do it. Most risks involve no personal danger, only anxiety. And you will find that the more you muster the courage to do the things you truly want for yourself, however risky, the more effective you will become at living happily.


  • Eliminate all blame sentences from your vocabulary. Stop saying, “They’re” to blame for your unhappiness. Replace blame sentences, such as “She made me feel bad when I heard what she said”. Use “I feel ….“ sentences.


  • Be assertive. You are an adult, responsible for your on life. You never need ask anyone how you ought to lead that life. While you may want to see how your behavior will affect people, that doesn’t mean you must seek their permission.


  • Several times a day, stop thinking and analyzing, and let your brain slip into neutral. Take a minute to concentrate on a color, pushing out all other thoughts. Or take a walk, with your thoughts “free-wheeling”. Just as the body needs rest and exercise periods, so does the mind.


  • Stop looking outside yourself for validation of your worth, beauty, intellect and personality. When you fish for compliments, ask yourself if you are satisfied with your performance or looks. If so, ask yourself why you need anyone else to say so. You’ll discover that the less approval you seek, the more you will receive.


  • Choose to appreciate life even when “nay-sayers” and grumps are determined to drag you down. Surround yourself with happy faces. Stop feeling it is your responsibility to change those who insist on being unhappy.

    Your own expectations are the key to this whole business of mental health.  If you expect to be happy, healthy and fulfilled in life, then most likely it will work out that way.

    - Author Unknown

Release and clear

Instructions: Welcome to using the amazing power of your own mind for your good! Read this entire script starting with the title out loud just before retiring at night. Read aloud with feeling.

Read each night for 21 nights. If you miss a night, you must begin again until you get 21 nights of reading the script in a row.

Say the words "Release and Clear" ever night thereafter before retiring to activate the auto-run of this script in your mind, heart, and being.


So relaxed…. so relaxed….. slowly drifting into a most satisfying state of relaxation.  Relaxation is good for me…. I release every last ounce of useless tension as I rest contentedly, to awaken when I must, refreshed and invigorated.  I am alive with the feeling of freedom, of promise, of exhilarating positive expectation.  My mind is clear, my body recharged and my past deactivated and left behind me …. As I relax, I release every unhappy experience of the past …. and everything connected with each of those experiences.  I find it easy to let them go ….. I am a part of life….. as are we all… and we all move, live and think as we have the right to.  Life goes on and so do I …. growing rich in experience … and in capacity to achieve.  My positive experiences supply me with a directness to meet the challenges of my life.  All I must do is use the amazing power of my subconscious mind … I am using that capacity now to disengage me from every negative …destructive … and harmful impression ever made upon me.  They fade … fade … fade out of my life forever …. I am grateful and thankful for every experience of the past …. I now forgive myself for every mistake I have ever made; and I forgive everyone else who may have in any way harmed me …. I know that out of each experience …. as I understand it ….. good must surely come to me … I forgive myself for every mistake because I know that each mistake is a stepping stone to greater understanding …. to greater opportunity and to greater achievement …. I grow stronger with each experience and I am stronger than anything life can offer …. I am preparing myself to meet its challenges directly …. free of negative conditioning and programming …. I am more than any challenge for I possess the power and the ability to channel any experience into a rich and rewarding way of life …. I now fully release the past and all it’s effects upon me.  I am free … free of the past … free to be me …entirely …. I accept myself completely … I am a valuable and talented human being … I am always aware of my innate worth … There are things to be done by me … that are better done by me … than by any other human being … every word … every movement, every gesture of mine preserves my unique stamp upon life …. for as long as time has been … or ever shall be …. there is no one who can exactly duplicate me … I am pleased …. I accept myself … I love myself … I am grateful for my new level of understanding … My acceptance releases me from negative self-dislike … and so I am now free to change that which must be changed … to improve that which can be improved … to let go of that which is inhibiting or destructive … My self-acceptance now enables me to accept everyone else.  I accept myself …. I accept others as they are … I accept even those who are unacceptable as unacceptable and go on my way … I bestow upon others my affection … true and unencumbered …In my imagination … I see them having all the good I desire for myself.  What I desire for myself, I also desire for everyone else … I have fulfilled my nature.  I have supplied myself with those priceless qualities and feelings …. acceptance, love and forgiveness and so I now have them to give.  I give them freely.  I feel warmth and excitement of building a new and rewarding life.  A firm, quiet sense of self-love and self-determination dominates my every waking and sleeping hour.  I am ready to release and do so this night …. Clear …. Clear …. Clear.  RELEASE AND CLEAR.

One step reframe

The following powerful technique helps you negotiate a behavioral change within the unconscious mind.  It helps resolve inner conflicts between what you want consciously and what your unconscious mind is compelling you to do.  If the internal change you seek is something you could have done through will power alone, you would have already made the change.  Therefore, a deeper part of you is running the unwanted behavior, attitude or response.

The unconscious part of you responsible for the unwanted action has a positive intention for you, even though you may not like the way in which it is accomplishing that intention.  That part may be trying to protect you or take care of you in some way.

You may even wish to take a few moments to ask this part within yourself what it is doing FOR you… then listen to your internal responses.  For example, if I put off paying my bills, then I will have more money in the bank, and that will make me feel more secure.

We want that part to continue having positive intentions for you while simultaneously finding positive ways to take BETTER care of you.  After doing this technique, you will get the desired outcome while creating that the new actions happen naturally and automatically.

Some examples of responses or behaviors that you might want to change could include a desire to generate more creativity, improve your concentration and recall, become more assertive, have more energy, break bad habits such as fingernail biting, chronic lateness, help with addictions, and so forth.

You can literally use this technique for thousands of ideas for self-improvement.  It may not work one hundred percent for everything-what does?  Meantime, just go for it … experiment … and have fun!

First, identify the unwanted behavior, response or attitude.  Clearly separate the behavior from the intention in your mind.  Write the following statement on paper:  “I want to communicate with the part of me that is causing me to (state problem, i.e., procrastinate paying my bills).”

Writing your focus statement down can be helpful when first learning this exercise, followed by reading it aloud.  Begin with, “Even though a part of me is causing me to (insert problem), I honor and respect the part of me that has positive intentions for my care and protection.”

Rest either hand on a table, your lap, or a chair arm, palm down, in a very relaxed position.  Lift your index, or any other finger, fully while quickly repeating the following words aloud “to your finger” …

I won’t be able to return my finger to its original position any more quickly than my unconscious mind generates and begins to utilize at least three new ways of behaving which it feels are superior to what it has been doing which are totally appropriate and acceptable to all parts of me, and I will be delightfully surprised to discover how easily I am able to get the outcome that I want.

Now wait patiently for your finger to indicate that your internal processing is complete.  You will know when this is done by seeing your finger lower back down to its original position.  Sometimes it happens in a few seconds; sometimes it takes several minutes, or more.

Interestingly, you may or may not even know what the better choices are that have been selected at the unconscious level.

You may discover what they are while reflecting on a later event that has within it better decision making;; you may find yourself in a situation similar to an old one and suddenly discover that your old behavior or response has been replaced by a new one; you may simply discover that the quality of your life is enriched.

Sometimes the problem being processed will be a little different.  Sometimes it will be a lot different, and sometimes it will be completely transformed.  Whichever way it is for you, you have experienced taking control of your life by changing your response.

On occasion, the results may not be immediately evident.  It may be several days before you notice a change.

About 80 percent to 90 percent of the time, you will only need to do this exercise once to get your desired results.  Alternately, repetition may be needed when dealing with a problem that has many layers.  Persistence pays!

Note:  You may realize that with will power and intent, you can purposefully bring your index finger down, even though the procedure is not complete.  This will not interfere with the internal processing, however.  Later, when your attention is elsewhere, if the internal process is incomplete, your finger will automatically pop back up again and complete the process.

Originally created by Dianne Ruth, Ph.D. - adapted by Valerieann Giovanni